Rotaract Club Ljubljana

As the oldest Slovenian Rotaract club, it is a privilege as well as a great responsibility to represent all of the values of this amazing Rotaract family.

We have gone through many different changes, but our long-standing friendships are proof that charity and good intentions connect young, brave and intelligent people. That being said, we are proud of our history and the projects we have done throughout the years of the existence of our club. We have created many traditions, striving to help others and educate ourselves in many fields.

The Easter egg project (Velikonočna sreča) where we raise money for children in need by giving away Easter eggs has now become an opportunity to unite a few of other clubs in Ljubljana; REST (Rotaract European Sailing Trip) has grown into one of the biggest Rotaract trips in Europe; Pazi na jezik (Mind the Language) that is raising awareness about correct use of Slovenian language in everyday life has gained strong media support, and we have hosted 8 Rotaractors visiting for the Slovenia trip every year for almost a decade.

Many of our old members are now proud Rotarians and we are glad that many of our current members are on their way to become ones too.

Wednesdays for our members are not just the middle of the week, but time spent in a wonderful company of Rotaract friends. We try to enrich our meetings with interesting discussions and we never forget to toast afterwards.

Ljubljana has so much to offer and it makes a perfect home for our club. Our biggest wish is to sustain our energy and enable our goals for the future, and what else could be a better opportunity to do so than organizing such an event as REM.