Rotraract Club Ljubljana Feniks

We are a group of 14 friends (plus 4 more candidates who attend our meetings regularly). We love helping others and spending time together during our meetings and on other occasions.

We try to do our best, therefore we are constantly improving and challenging ourselves in different ways. Having been chartered on 7 July 2016, we are quite new in the Rotary family. Since then we have tried our best to make up new, different and exciting projects that will bring happiness and something new to people and which also have a charity note. We have also collaborated with many other Rotaract clubs. Our club’s biggest projects are Laughter for Life, Charity Gokart Race, Get Together Party, Triglav, etc.

Laughter for Life is a charity improv event, where actors make the audience laugh and improvise the whole show. Besides the laughter and spreading joy our goal is to help others so each year we donate to a different charity organization. Charity Gokart Race is an event full of adrenaline which we organized for the first time last year. Get Together Party is a party whose purpose is to unite all Rotaractors under one roof. The main objectives of this party are to get to know each better and to form new friendships.

Triglav was one of our first projects. We organized a hike to the highest mountain in Slovenia and donated to the Mountain Rescue Association Ljubljana. We have decided to join the REM Organizing Team because we believe that we can offer a breath of fresh air to the whole organization and the meeting itself and because there is a lot we can learn from organizing such a big event.

We cannot wait to meet you all in Ljubljana and we hope you will have a great time here with us.