REM Ljubljana

Probably the greenest REM in history!


5.10. - 8.10.2017

About REM Ljubljana

REM, Rotaract European Meeting, is a bi-annual event aimed at promoting international exchange among Rotaractors. Each time hosted by a different country from the European region, it enables Rotaractors to meet, mingle, exchange ideas, cooperate, brainstorm on projects, and have fun, as well as explore the beauties of the host country. Formally, REM includes an E.R.I.C. (European Rotaract Information Centre) meeting, all kinds of workshops and seminars, a Gala Dinner, and day trips around the country. As true Rotaractors, the event also includes a social project that gives back to the community.
If a three day event is not enough for you, you can always attend Pre- and Post-REM activities organised for the most eager participants. These trips give you the chance to explore neighbouring cities, regions or even countries, and allow you to expand your Rotaract friendships.










Because you are a Rotaractor by heart, you like to meet new people and enjoy travelling. Because you are committed to giving back to the community and like to exchange ideas. Because you like to learn and broaden your horizons. Because you would finally like to see why people cannot get enough of the fabulous sights that Slovenia has to offer. Because you want to be a part of the story or because you simply like to have fun. And most importantly, because it will be one of the best experiences of your Rotaract adventures.


REM Autumn 2017 will take place in the small but charming city of Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is one of the most gorgeous European cities with extremely friendly people. Due to its size, everything in the city is within walking distance and you will have no trouble getting from one place to another, from the hotels to the venues of our evening events, and from sightseeing tours to the venues where meetings, workshops and seminars will be held. In addition to exploring the beauties of Slovenia, you will have the chance to experience the local cuisine, beverages and culture.

How long

REM Ljubljana Autumn 2017 will be held from 5–8 October 2017. For participants who do not want to miss anything, arriving a day earlier will also be possible and you will not be bored. If the three day event is not cutting it for you, you can simply extend your visit and attend Pre- or Post-REM activities that will be organised around Slovenia.

People who are behind it

Organising Committee